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BUOE Foundation will expand its already popular shipboard program offerings this winter to include classroom visits from their educators! Book a single visit, a pre-trip program with a spring field trip or a six-week series. Programs focus on the topic of Runoff Pollution and how it is affecting Lake Erie and are standards-based. Classroom programs are available from October - April and shipboard programs are available April - October.

BUOE is dedicated to expanding the horizons of Western New York youth through hands-on history and science education on Lake Erie and its surrounds. Our primary programs take place on board the 73' tallship Spirit of Buffalo.

Go to BUOE's website for more information or call 796-8393.

During Winter Weekend we tossed around quite a few good ideas about implementing inquiry practices in our classroom and helping students understand the inquiry skills they are supposed to master. Some of the ideas included "mapping" classroom activity to the poster using stick-on labels or markers, laminating "placemat" for groups to use as reflection when finishing a task, putting the continuum on notebook covers and making folders out of the continuum. Hope everybody will try using the poster. If you do. please post here. Any other strategies or projects that promote inquiry are welcome too! Hope to hear from many of you!

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Hi, I'm Amanda
citronella49citronella49 05 Jan 2008 12:54
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For those of you who don't know me, I am Amanda, I worked in School 31, 94 and Burgard HS while I was in Buffalo for 3.5 years. I have a Physics teaching cert. and I went to UB to major in Physics and minor in Japanese. I also did a lot of grad coursework at Buff State for the Physics Teaching Masters before I jumped ship and ran away to Korea!

Anyway, I love teaching, and I love new experiences! My current job in South Korea is teaching adults (and a few HS and MS students) English in a one on one situation. This job is REALLY easy, especially in comparison to what I was doing before… of course I work about 10-12 hrs a day here… but I actually get paid for my OT now! I like this, but I also miss the dynamics of the crazy middle school classroom.

More about me! I am a vegetarian and a total tree hugger. I love computers, video games and my two cats. I love learning languages, and I am now learning Korean along with Japanese and French (although I am not fluent.) I am living in Korea with my beau who is also teaching English here. I am also the website guru for this site so if you have any questions let me know. I wish I had more time for things I love like yoga, playing my flute, reading and fighting the man!

Please enjoy the site, try to add something every week, so we can help each other and maybe even support a larger community… at the very least this is a great way for us to communicate with each other more than 3 times a year :)

I miss you all, lots of love from Korea
Read my blog if you are curious

Hi, I'm Amanda by citronella49citronella49, 05 Jan 2008 12:54

Well, just click the new post button and fill out the info, then click post! :) YAY, introduce yourself here, its fun!

Yaya!!! And I can even reply to myself here! woo woo ;)

Hi there, just me saying HI and we can post stuff… so if you think this is an easier way to contribute to the site then you can do it this way!! YAY! You can add pics and links here just like I showed you on your page…

Welcome to BSTN's forum by citronella49citronella49, 05 Jan 2008 12:41
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