When we get together we spend a lot of time presenting new information to our colleagues and working together to learn new teaching methods. Here are some pictures of our professional development activities. Click on any picture for a full scale image.

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Our commander in chief Clarann Josef the BPS Science director Star teacher "Indo" shedding some light on his fellow teachers
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Wow… orange…. Learning from each other is what we do!
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Discussing the problem. Planning the experiment.
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Working on it. Now if only we could get our students to collaborate like this! :)
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Always working together to solve problems… And double checking the numbers
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Practice makes perfect! Here we are using the wonders of technology
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Amanda, Maureen, Tanya, Cindy, & Kelly @ AAAS, Annual Meeting, St. Louis 2006 Amanda @ AAAS
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Tanya and Maureen @ CAO dinner, June 2006 Tanya & Maureen with CAO Director, L. Nathan Hare
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Hillery & TJ East High School students, Tech Savvy 2006, D'Youville College
aaas1 aaas2
Bob, Christen & Maureen @ AAAS, Annual Meeting, Boston, MA 2008 Joan, Tammy & Dhristen @ AAAS 2008
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