This is basically what we did in Amanda's session:

1. Choose your number and click on the corresponding practice page

2. You will be asked if you want to create a page, choose yes

3. Change the title of the page to your name, or something interesting… this is just a practice page so it doesn't have to be serious

4. Type something in your page, and then scroll down and click "save"

5. You will now see your edited, and uploaded page. Scroll down and click edit

6. Now we are back in edit mode.

7. There are many icons in edit mode. One of them looks like the infinity symbol with a star next to it, this is the link wizard. Click on this.

8. Now a small window pops up, enter the URL for any website, and enter some text you want to associate with it (such as www.google.com and "search engine") Scroll down and choose save.

9. Now you see your web page updated instantly. Scroll down and choose "files" You will notice there is file called "ani_mad_scientist.gif" Under that you will see two links "upload new file" and "file manager" click on file manager. From here you can see how much space we have, please don't upload huge things right now, we don't have the web space for it, but I think we will soon. I am working on it. We aren't going to practice uploading files now, but its pretty easy and if you have any questions you can ask me.

10. Now click on edit again. This time you can click on the icon that has a photo and a star, this is the image wizard.

11. You have three options to get images to appear on your page, the first "external image" choose this if you know of a cool image on someone else's website (any where in the www) and you want to link to it. The problem with this option is if that person deletes or changes the image, then it will also change on your site. The third option is flickr.com links, if you have your own flickr.com account you can upload images there (for free) and then link to them here, this way we dont have to use our web space to host your pics and you can link to as many as you want, and the only person who can change the flickr pics is you :)

12. The second option is the one you are going to practice now. The attached file option requires that you upload a picture to our server space before you link to it (which I already have done) So… click on "attached file" and then you will see the ani_mad_scientist.gif appear in the box below, select it. change its size to small and position it in the center. Don't worry about CSS style unless you know about making websites :) Click insert code. [ [ =image ani_mad_scientist.gif size="small" ] ] should have appeared on your site, don't worry the pic wont show up till you click save… so click save now. Now there should be a funny pic on your page.

So, now you know how to insert three of the most common page elements you will find on the net… text, links and images. You can also use the icons in edit mode to change the style of the text, like bold, italics, size and more… And if you want to know more about setting up pages then you can click on "How to edit pages" in the side menu for LOADS of info… or just email me with questions. Have fun creating and adding content… this site can only be as good as we make it, so lets make a really useful resource to share with ourselves and others outside our group too :)

Don't worry, we are the only ones who can edit pages, but everyone else can view them.

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