Winter Weekend 2008

Winter Weekend General Info
Place - Clarion Hotel, Marina & Conference Center, in Dunkirk, NY.
Friday (Jan 5) 7:00pm – 8:30pm (dessert only, dinner will NOT be provided—NOTE: this is a change from previous years.)
Saturday (Jan 6) 8am - 7pm (breakfast, lunch, dinner provided)
Sunday (Jan 7) 8am -Noon (breakfast provided)

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BSTN Winter Weekend 2008 Schedule

Overnight accommodations, meals/snacks will be provided.
NECESSARY items to bring: BSTN binders; Palm Pilots; ILST data; Kit materials
Suggested items to bring: laptops (wireless Internet available); iPods

FRI 1/4 PM 4:00 - 7:30 Arrival/Check-in
7:00 - 8:30 Welcome/Dessert Reception
7:30 Activity reports:

  • Rochester Science Educators’ Conference [M. Tabone, R. Harris]
  • Density Kit [K. Burke]
  • DonorsChoose [S. Finn, T. Martin, C. LaBruna, C. Casolini]
  • SEPUP/IAPS Water Cycle [K. Burke, C. LaBruna, H. Maciejewski, T. Martin]

8:45 "Flock of Dodos" film viewing and discussion [optional] (84 mins.) Film website

8:30 BSTN Website-Version 1.5 [A. Dolan]
8:45 Korea Experience [A. Dolan]
9:00 New Members introductions/Inquiry quotes activity [R. Doran, K. Burke]
10:00 Activity reports (con't):

  • SEPUP/SGI [K. Burke, C. LaBruna, H. Maciejewski, T. Martin]
  • NURTURE [L. John]
  • Riverkeeper Fall Clean up [R. Callea, R. Harris, D. Anderson]
  • Urban Roots—Science project [K. Burke & T. Johnson]
  • STANYS [K. Burke, R. Doran, K. Baudo, H. DiGiacomo, R. Tyrrell]

10:30 Science Olympiad -Sign-up & Coaching new events [K. Baudo, J. Mayle]
1:00 2007 NYS ILST: "Using Data to Drive Instuction" [C. Josef]

  1. Review of SMART Goals (from Summ Inst 2007) [T. Martin, R. Tyrrell]
  2. Pretest of 7th Graders (from Summ Inst 2006) [L. John]
  3. Three Focus Questions (from Winter Weekend 2006) [Campus West team, K. Burke]
  4. Test Item Validity (J. Zawiki’s PowerPoint from the SALS mtg) [K. Burke & H. DiGaicomo]

4:00 - 5:30 Work Committees-Sharing & gathering information from the groups:

  1. Intermediate-Level Science Teacher Master Plans
  2. Science Olympiad kits [M. Tabone, D. Anderson, K. Bajak ]
  3. Multicultural Science Kit
  4. Living Environment Binders [T. Martin]
  5. Myths study group [K. Burke]
  6. GEMS Learning About Learning study group [R. Harris, D. Johnson]

6:00 -7:00 DINNER-PD hours recognition
7:30 -8:00 AAAS Conference- Poster Session Planning
8:00 "Flock of Dodos" film viewing and discussion [optional] (84 mins.) Film website

9:00 A World in Motion: experimental Design [H. DiGiacomo]
9:30 Work Groups reporting out
10:00 Spending $135 (BSTN) & DonorsChoose

  • Keeping Connected-Email Issues
  • Give-aways
  • Evaluations/Discussion
  • Planning for the Year (Tech Savvy, Pioneers of Science, etc.) [Robin Harris]
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